Transforming visions into Engineering Reality Al-Razi Engineering Consulting Office
Leading the way in Exceptional Engineering and Project management services in Saudi Arabia for over 30 years.

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Al Razi Engineering Consultancy

Al-Razi Engineering Consulting Office was established in 1991 under the chairmanship of Dr. Muhammad Salem Al-Issa. Al-Razi Engineering Consulting Office has provided its continuous expertise for more than 30 years through various services, including engineering works and project management, and is characterized by creative and unique solutions that it provides to clients by integrating technical expertise and management skills enhanced with the spirit of Innovation and renewal. We are proud of our team consisting of professional engineers and technicians who have high degrees, And experience in our fields of specialization.

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Why Choose Us?


Technical Expertise

Our team of professional engineers and technicians possess specialized degrees and years of experience, providing high-quality technical solutions for your engineering project.

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Project Management Support

We provide comprehensive project management solutions to ensure that your project is delivered within the stipulated quality, time, and budget.

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Creative Solutions

We provide unique and creative solutions to our clients by combining technical expertise and management skills with the spirit of innovation and Technology development.

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To contribute to the rise of engineering practice in Saudi Arabia by expanding the context of our engineering core and the extent of our engineering role


To be identified as a house of engineering expertise and a leader among Saudi engineering firms in opening new business frontiers.

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